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Social Skills Groups

We offer small group interventions for individuals ages preschool through middle school

  • Small group interventions are also guided by the principles and procedures of ABA

  • Enrollment in groups is ongoing and begins with a consultation meeting with Dr. Hansen to help determine best fit

  • Groups are led by Behavior Consultants/ BCBA’s

  • Individualized goals are developed following initial assessment of strengths and needs

  • Every 4 months, written progress reports are provided along with feedback session with parents

Preschool Groups

  • These groups are individualized and are often a bridge between individual and larger group classroom learning

  • Goals may include the following areas: Communication, Play, Learning to Learn, Social Skills, Adaptive, Fine Motor, Parent Goals, Telehealth Specific Goals

  • Preschool groups typically meet weekly or twice weekly for 1.5 hours at the office. We are currently offering smaller Telehealth groups that are meeting for 30 minutes once or twice weekly

School Age Groups

  • School Age groups typically meet for an hour weekly in office

  • We are currently offering Telehealth groups

  • Goals are individualized to client needs and often include the areas of conversation skills, understanding nonverbal communication, developing coping skills, improving social understanding, collaborating, compromise, social problem solving, and Telehealth specific goals

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