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Preschool & Kindergarten Small Group ABA

For our clients ages 3-7 with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other developmental disabilities, this more intensive class is designed for expanding developmental skills comprehensively.

This more intensive, two hour group meets twice a week, morning or afternoon. Its focus is on generalizing individual goals in all developmental areas — communication, cognitive/academic, social, play, adaptive, motor — to a small group setting with peers using ABA principles and procedures.

In Small Group ABA, children:  

  • Work within our mock inclusive preschool/kindergarten setting to assist in expanding goals from home ABA programs, IEPs, Speech/Occupational Therapies, etc.

  • Interact with group members of varying ages and abilities, including peer models.

  • Can supplement a half day program. Perfect, too, for home-schooled students or those not yet in school.



Data is collected on individual goals and written progress reports will be provided with feedback to parents quarterly. Ask about a great cost option for siblings and/or typical peers, too!

Services may be covered by your county board of developmental disabilities. Please check.

Groups forming now. Contact us today!

+1 614 219 1510 or

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