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Psychologist for Children

Assessment & Psychological Evaluation

Whether you need an initial diagnostic evaluation to clarify the reason for developmental concerns or an updated assessment of current levels of functioning for services or planning purposes, a comprehensive evaluation is often a great place to start.

Developmental evaluation provides important and useful information about your child's individual profile of strengths and weaknesses. It can help to identify individualized recommendations for interventions for improvement in a number of developmental areas including learning, communication, emotional well being, behavior, social skills and self-help skills.

Our wait list for an evaluation is typically two to three months, however please call us for updated information. This is often a significantly less wait time than comparable providers in the area, and it can ease your mind as a parent to know you are seeking support from professionals who will partner with you in assisting your child.  If preferred, a consultation appointment to determine the need for a full evaluation may be made, generally within two weeks.

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