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What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence based intervention based in the science of learning and behavior. It has decades of research supporting its use with a wide variety of individuals, ages, and presenting concerns.


ABA based interventions are used to improve socially significant behaviors, teach new skills and decrease problematic or interfering behaviors. It encompasses a wide range of strategies that can be applied to individual needs to help clients meet their treatment goals and potential.

Interventions & ABA Services

  • ABA Services

    • Comprehensive ABA

    • Focused ABA

      • Behavior support

      • Toileting intervention

      • Communication

      • Adaptive/Self Help Skills

  • Individual

    • Individual ABA/cognitive behavioral based services may include focus on goals such as decreased anxiety, anger management, developing coping skills, developing social skills, and developing social-communication skills/pragmatic language skills

  • Small Group ("Social Skills Group")

    • We offer small group interventions for individuals ages preschool through middle school

    • Preschool Groups are individualized and are often a bridge between individual and larger group classroom learning

      • Goals may include the following areas: Communication, Play, Learning to Learn, Social Skills, Adaptive, Fine Motor, Parent Goals, Telehealth Specific Goals

  • Parent Consultation

    • Dr. Hansen regularly schedules one time or short term parent consultation appointments to discuss need for further evaluation, current recommendations, or next steps in intervention or education following a diagnosis

    • Behavior consultants under Dr. Hansen’s supervision provide ongoing parent consultation services tailored to individual needs

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